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Small fruit fly:Ripeningfruit,fermenting material, animal waste, garbage on rinsed recyclables, drains in mops, other decaying organic matter. Photos Fly: Moist decaying organic matter,Drains, sewer breaks, trash, the cane food on the kitchen equipment or in cracks, Fecal matter, fungi, the key in the plant materials. Bottle fly:Meat,dead rodents, birds or other animal carcasses, garbage animal Manure,Decaying vegetables or grass clippings and leaves. House fly:Animal waste, garbage, and other decaying matter. Flesh fly:Decaying meet dead rodents and birds and other animals caucuses garbage. Sure Strike Pest Solution 1.Identify the pest fly problem. 2.Discuss treatment plan and prices 3.Discuss what needs to be done and Expectations. 4.Treatment 5.Discuss follow up to assess results.